QwikU Features

We now have a feature list that we hope will help you to see what exactly QwikU has to offer

1. Athlete & School Search

  • Customizable list of filters to sort prospects
  • We actively update player contact information
  • The data you add will only be seen by your team

2. Athlete Profiles

  • Customizable fields
  • Verified measurements
  • Contacts

3. Watch Lists

  • Organize into folders
  • Share to other staff members

4. Virtual Board

  • Customizable virtual board tags to easily visualize your prospects

5. Forms

  • Ability to upload different documents for prospect visit
  • Includes forms like:
    • UOV Forms
    • Player Host Forms
    • Reimbursement Forms
    • Official Visit Forms
    • Photo Shoot upload (.png, .jpeg, etc.)

6. Evaluation Tapes

  • Evaluation tapes are created by former Division 1 recruiting analysts
  • These are movement tapes. Plays are selected based on position-specific critical factors, not only production
  • Teams have access to all previously created tapes and can request new tapes to watch, in addition to a player’s highlights, to develop a more thorough evaluation of a prospect’s abilities

7. Schools

  • We offer school profile pages along with prospect profile pages so that you have all the information you need at your fingertips
  • School profile pages include coach contact information, school address, as well as contact information for said school
  • Prospects within the system that are currently attending a school will be displayed on the school’s profile page

8. Reports

  • You have the ability to print board tags, evaluation/profile pages & mailing labels through the reports tab
  • Area books for coaches
  • Export to Excel feature

9. Maps

  • You have the ability to link a coach’s Fall or Spring trip to the app & it will also sync with Google Maps
  • You can add your whole board to the map and that will help you plan Fall/Spring travel routes
  • You can see what players your staff has graded and could have a coach who is in the area drop by to get a body type

10. Lists/Events

  • Great asset for On-Campus Staff
  • Ability to create visit sheets through this feature
  • Ability to create coach’s call list

11. Administration

  • Ability to manage your specific team’s account within a closed-loop system
  • Manage target list
  • Ability to request evaluation tapes through the target list

12. Mobile Application (iOS)

  • Ability to use our iOS mobile application that is in sync with the web software
  • Map features sync with Google Maps through the mobile application
  • Ability to upload practice clips on-the-go
  • Ability to send prospect profiles on mobile